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Litigation Support

Outsourcing litigation support services will let you focus on your core competencies while delegating the mundane work.

Data Capture

Choose us as your data capture partner if you are looking to convert your existing documents into easily interpretable & secure data formats.

Image Processing

Transform information provided on any media into the digital formats you need using our reliable image processing solutions.

Title Indexing

Improve accessibility and usability in documents by organising information using our accurate & fast indexing services.

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About Us

Founded in 2017, Riant Data provides a wide range of data capture and litigation support services. We are committed to deliver superior, sustainable results to our customers. We at Riant Data recognize the value every individual brings to the workplace and we believe in the power of an inclusive workspace that empowers people with special needs.

Why Riant Data services?


Riant strives to provide its customers with the highest degree of accuracy possible through rigorous quality testing before any delivery.

On-time delivery

At Riant, we follow the PDCA cycle to plan our projects and monitor the progress keeping the overall project objectives, scope & timelines.

Fair Pricing

Our flexible pricing policy with a perfect balance between quality and price reflects the value that you gain from our services.

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